November 23, 2021

Posing Tips to Help You Get the Best Wedding Day Pictures


Weddings are fun and magical, but they can also be quite stressful for a couple who doesn’t

know how to pose for the camera. While the best wedding photographer can usually produce

some amazing shots through proper direction, it wouldn’t hurt to make the process easier for

them by knowing how you want to pose for your photos.

The key to great wedding photos is capturing candid and personal moments between the couple

and their loved ones. These types of pictures often showcase everyone’s personality much

better, making them perfect memorabilia for the future.

Here are some posing tips that could help you make your big day’s photoshoot go much


Talk to Your Photographer

Before anything else, you should always talk to your wedding photographer. Openly

communicating with them will make the photoshoot process much easier, and it’ll help you and

your partner feel more comfortable around them. You can speak with them about your concerns

and even some of the ideas that you want them to capture.

It’s also a good idea to tell them about your insecurities. If you have a side you prefer, you can

also let them know to capture you in a way that you’re satisfied with. The more you and your

partner talk to your photographer, the better the results will be.

Show Off the Outfits

When having your photoshoot, don’t be afraid to show off the dress, the suit, and everything

else that is integral to the entire wedding look. These are some of the most intriguing parts of a

wedding photoshoot because everyone wants to know what the couple is wearing.

You can twirl, have someone spread out your train, or have a candid tie-adjusting moment

captured. The possibilities to show off everyone’s outfits are endless. Don’t be afraid to

experiment with movement as well because it can bring a photo to life. Your photographer could

capture pictures of your veil blowing in the wind or you and your partner going for a stroll.

Savor the Moment with Your Partner

One thing couples tend to do during their photoshoot is end beautiful moments too soon. A bad

case of nerves could cause a person to become jittery and over-excited, which isn’t the best

thing if you want sweet, candid photos. It’s important to remember to slow down.

Whether you’re looking into your partner’s eyes, holding hands, giving each other a sweet kiss

on the lips, or walking down the aisle, you must remember to move slowly. Savor each moment

you’re experiencing to allow your wedding photographer to capture the moment in its full glory.

Have Fun

It should go without saying, but some couples tend to forget it—the most important thing to do

during your photoshoot is to have fun. It might feel uncomfortable to have a camera pointed at

you and your partner the entire time, but you have to remember that photographers are there to

capture the happiest moments of your wedding day.

Don’t be afraid to let loose and have fun with your partner the way you two usually do. The more

your personality shines, the better the results are going to look. Try not to focus too much on the

thought that you’re being watched and, remember, if you talk to your photographer beforehand,

it should all go pretty smoothly.


Posing for pictures might seem intimidating, but remember that your wedding photographer is

there to guide you and help you produce the best photos. Your wedding is your special day, and

you deserve to have every single beautiful moment captured.

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