December 4, 2021

How to Get a First Look Right for an IG-Worthy Wedding - Part 2


In Part 2 of our “IG-Worthy Wedding” articles, let’s wrap up some tips on how to get your first look right. A wedding first look should be incorporated into every couple’s day, preferably earlier in the day. Lighting and location is key, which we are here to help with, along the way.

Here, we have some tips that will give you that perfect “first look” that you can look back fondly on for the rest of your life:

Wedding First Look

Even if you don’t think you like it, there's something so heartwarming and touching when seeing the groom and the guests to be emotional when they first see the bride. However, if you really want to perfect the whole thing, there are some things you need to do. 

Relish the Moment

The first thing is to not rush into the first look. It’s best to condition the mind a few hours before the event. Think of all the things you love about the person you want to marry, and when it’s time for the big ceremony, don’t rush into it. Savor every moment, and you get the first look you have always wanted. 

Get Yourself in the Mood 

It’s also helpful to listen to your favorite songs. What are your and your partner’s favorite songs? Perhaps, you have a song that describes your relationship with each other perfectly. Listen to that song as you prepare for the ceremony—even if you have to hit the replay button so many times. After all, it’s your wedding day! You can do everything you want to psyche yourself up and get that first look that you want. 

Also, if you and your partner have exchanged some letters throughout the years, bring them with you. Now is the time to go through all of them while you’re prepping. Read them all. Doing so will get you in the mood before the first look. 

If you don’t have letters to read, you can both write to each other before the big day and read them a few hours before the ceremony. 

Visualize the Moment

Finally, visualize the moment. Never underestimate the power of visualization. Imagine seeing your partner in their wedding attire for the very first time. Feel that moment as if it’s already happening. 

Make it FUN!

Now, we don’t want you to be hysterically laughing for the first look. Instead, if you don’t want an overly emotional first look, you can add some fun to it for the perfect balance. 

You can try to dress up in a costume instead of your wedding attire. This is when you’re up for all the laughter. Another idea is to surprise your partner through their best friend. You have probably seen a lot of videos where the best man pranks the groom by wearing a wedding dress for the first look. However, this may not be the kind of prank everyone will like, but it’s worth a shot if it’s something you and your partner are up to.

An Unforgettable First Look

The first look is important in a wedding because this is when nothing matters in the world except the person you choose to spend your life with. It only makes sense to savor every moment and be fully present. The first look is something that you will never forget; so, make it count!

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