May 22, 2021

Aruba Ocean Villa's

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You know when the guided stress relief meditations tell you to go to your “happy place?” The place where you feel the most tranquil, the most inner peace, the most sincere joy. That place now, for us, is a little burnt orange hammock swinging over turquoise blue water in Isla of Alistair at Aruba Ocean Villas. This outstanding property located in Savaneta is one of the most scenic and enjoyable experiences we have ever had the delight to encounter.

Nestled comfortably on the local side of the island, Aruba Ocean Villas offers top of the line rooms, food & beverages, scenic views, privacy, incredible staff, and so much more.

Upon arrival we entered into a lush green walkway of pothos, ferns, ravens zz, and a ridiculous amount of other plants I was genuinely obsessing over. This bewitching walkway led us to the some of the friendliest staff who let us in on every detail needed to get the most out of our dream island getaway. We were also greeted with a variety of different lizards, tropical birds, friendly dogs, and talkative cats!

We started our adventure in the first villa ever built on the property called Lolita. This bold and unique room comes fully equipped with a clawfoot bathtub, outdoor shower, and a romantic aesthetic you’ll be craving more of as soon as you leave. After two nights in Lolita, we packed our bags and headed to the eye catching villa called Orquidea. This spot, located within 10 steps of the beach, features a jacuzzi on the deck, clawfoot bathtub inside, and a large patio area asking to be socialized on. Two more unforgettable nights later, we moved to our final, most memorable villa yet titled Isla of Alistair. A freshly swept boardwalk led us to the most enchanting escape. Isla of Alistair is everything dreams are made of. This villa offers a private pool, ocean access, endless spots to relax, outdoor bed/bathtub, and all the romantic over-water vibes. This is currently the only over-water villa available but luckily Aruba Ocean Villa’s is expanding quickly!

Searching for adventure? Aruba Ocean Villa’s includes snorkeling and kayaking gear! One of the best kept secrets in Aruba is Sea Glass Island. Sea glass is discarded, weathered glass found on beaches and along bodies of saltwater. These smoothly shaped pieces of glass are used in crafting art and making jewelry. Sea glass searchers from far a wide come to this side of the Aruba specifically for an easy kayak ride to the gem filled island.

We believe it truly is about the people you meet along the way and our experience would have been so much different without the kindness and hospitality of the staff. Each member went above and beyond to make sure our stay was one we would remember. Oh and the Restaurant! The Old Man and the Sea offered the best food we encountered on the island. Chef Leah's pumpkin soup will be your new favorite addiction. Even if you aren’t staying at the property you are welcome to go experience the amazing food!

Things to remember: Experiencing more than one villa is a must! The staff makes moving your luggage and belongings a breeze. Each villa is extremely unique and the diversity will only add to your memorable experience.

Don’t over pack! You may be thinking you need a outfit for every possible scenario but trust us when we say you won’t want to leave the property once you arrive. A swimsuit, PJ’s, and a few nice dinner outfits are the main items you’ll use.

Special thanks to Wendel, Maria, Zaldy, Leah, Sivado, and Glendlynn. We cannot wait to see you all again!